Meet the maker: Smay

About the maker: Smay

After having my first born, I felt such a huge shift within me. I was no longer a maiden, I had transitioned to mother.

I know at times, it can feel like no one truly grasps what you’ve been through and what it means to you but your story does deserve to be honored.

I knew being a mother was a worthy title, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. This was the reason I created my very first breastmilk pendant to wear and remind me of this beautiful new person I had become. It didn't take long before I realized I want every mother to be able to do the same.​

This is why, for the last 2.5 years at Honoring Motherhood I've helped over 2,000 women honor this phase of their life by creating breastmilk jewelry and memorial keepsakes that they can forever cherish & wear with pride.



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What people are saying

“I Love My Necklace!"

"The finished product surpassedall of my expectations. None ofmy other jewelry means as muchas this necklace does, except maybe​my wedding ring."

– Mikiele

“I Love My Necklace!"

"I wish I could give a trillion-star review.She captured the memory of my dad,my angel baby, and my little one all inone special piece. I love her work andcan never thank her enough."

– Amanda

“I Love My Necklace!"

"I started crying,​I love it so so much!!!!"

– Christy

The Family

Adam, Smay’s husband is the reason this company exists… “Honoring Motherhood” started because of a father.

He saw the dedication and love Smay put into making it through the challenging hurdles of breastfeeding their first child, Oscar.

As a way to honor her efforts, he researched and gifted her everything needed to create her own breastmilk jewelry.

Smay created her first keepsake in early 2020, quickly falling in love with the sentimental aspect and the artistry required.

By August of that year she launched her shop to help other mother’s turn their most cherished memories into something physical they could hold onto for a lifetime.

(Pictured: Smay, Adam, Oscar and Gustav)

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