​*Turn around time is currently 4.5-5 months from the time your package of inclusions has been received

What is Breastmilk jewelry

Breastmilk jewelry is the perfect way to honor your journey through motherhood! Milk is first preserved into a powder (this is when we remove all the bacteria in it to prevent molding) then the powder is mixed with resin and made into beautiful stones that can resemble opals or pearls.

​What can be added to a keepsake?

Here is a list of possible keepsake inclusions:

-Breastmilk (half ounce needed)

-Lock of hair (A one inch thick lock would be ideal)

-Formula (1 tablespoon)

-Dried crushed Placenta (1 placenta pill or a quarter size of completely dehydrated placenta)

-Dried crushed Umbilical cord (cut part of stump into small fragments before sending)

-Ashes (human or pet - 1 tablespoon would be great, but we can work with whatever you are willing to send. The remainder will be returned.)

-Special flowers/leaves (press or hang dry several petals. Must be totally dry before shipping or they will mold in transit.)

-Sand, grass, grave site or special location soil (one tablespoon)

-Pregnancy test cap (cut in half before sending so you have half as back up)

*caution never send the last of your inclusions. We would hate for your sentimental belongings to get lost in the mail by accident! Always keep some for back up.

How do I get my items to you?

After placing your order, you are responsible for paying shipping (typically around $3 or 3 stamps in a standard white envelope will do) or if you are local to Salt Lake City, you can choose to do free drop off. The address will be at the bottom of your order confirmation email. Email is sent immediately after order is placed- If you do not see yours please look in your spam folder first before reaching out to hi@honoringmotherhood.com

How much breastmilk does it take?

Please only send 15ml --- HALF OUNCE :) this will give me plenty for several keepsakes and to keep left over on file. ​If you are unable to get that much, please, no less than 5ml of breastmilk. Often times you'll be able to hand express 5-15ml over the course of a few days/weeks even if you're breastfeeding journey has been over for a while.  If you are combining milk from multiple children, you can put it all in one bag for a total of half ounce. No need to send more than that amount.

Can I use spoiled or frozen milk?

Yes, expired frozen or spoiled milk is totally fine. There is no limit on how old it can be. Spoiled, old, and otherwise considered "bad" milk is still usable... Send it on over!

Do you ship world wide/what about customs?

Yes, we ship world wide! Video tutorial at top of FAQ page works for international orders as well. When filling out your customs form, you can simply write that the contents are “jewelry supplies”.

How do I know if you've received my inclusions once I send it in?

You can use the Order Status tab on my page to search your order number. Each package that arrives gets put on the list in the order it came. We work from the top of the list to the bottom so you know how close your order is to being done. ORDER STATUS PAGE

Care/Repair Info:

-If you would like an heirloom keepsake for daily wear, opt for 14k SOLID gold. While goldfilled metal is still a good option for occasional wear, the construction is not as durable, and will not hold up to every day wear and tear for nearly as long.

-Never resize your keepsake rings. The stones are not able to withstand the heat and it will likely cause the stone to shrink in size and fall out of bezel.

-We always encourage customers to remove keepsakes before getting wet as a best practice, however we DO use a water proof resin

-We are often asked about yellowing. In over 4000 keepsakes, we have only experienced 2 or 3 complaints about this so we call it a fluke and we always made it right with the customer. After almost 4 years of keepsake artistry, we are confident in our proprietary recipe and methods.

-Should you need to get a stone repair done, we are happy to repair for a small fee. Contact hi@honoringmotherhood.com to get that process started.

- Please note, if you damage the setting of your ring, we are not responsible or able to do metalsmith work to restore the setting back to its original state. You'll need to contact a local jeweler to do this work. (We do however, offer a discount for orders using inclusions we have already preserved, so should you need to buy a new keepsake all together, you'll get a steep discount)

Do you keep the leftover milk/inclusions?

Yes. This allows you to place an order using the code you'll receive with your first order if you are wanting to use the same milk in the second, third, fourth keepsake. If you sent in ashes, we will ship back the remainder.

What's the difference between sterling silver/gold filled vs. 14k solid gold?

The difference is vast.
Not only is 14k solid gold the more high quality metal type, the construction of our solid gold pieces are always one complete unit, where as sterling silver and gold filled option are 2 separate pieces that are soldered together.

For Heirloom Quality, please select 14k solid gold. The difference in price correlates to the quality.

Click here to see a video of the difference: Quality Video


Because of the nature of this item, returns are not accepted. Colors of milk vary, small air bubbles are a potential and each keepsake is one of a kind, handmade. By placing your order you agree to receiving a unique piece. If there is ever an issue with your order due to my error or quality, please contact me and I will happily assist until the issue is resolved!

Order Cancellations?

Orders can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund.

Past the 30 days, store credit will be issued.

What if I move after placing my order?

 Address edits can be made by messaging hi@honoringmotherhood.com We are not responsible for keepsakes sent to an incorrect address that was provided by a customer. If you neglect to update your address and your keepsake is shipped to the incorrect address, please send an email and we can help you take the next best step.


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Have any questions?

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